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This is the beginning of a comprehensive directory of leaders and teachers in the Bnai Noach community. Please add any that are missing. Eventually these leaders should be broken into categories and each of these names of leaders should be made into Wikinoah pages give some biographical information and/or contact information.

Listed from A-Z of last name: (BN) means Bnei Noach, (BI) means Bnei Israel.

General Approach

  • Aviner, Rabbi Zvi Rabbi and Physician, author of Sod-Siach, a series of Torah Parsha classes. Engaged in the teaching of Torah to both Jewish and non-Jewish audiences for years. (BI)
  • Bakst, Rabbi Yoel David (BI)
  • Barre Elisheva Teaching the Bnei Laws according to Rambam (BI)
  • Ben Yaacov, Miriam (BI)
  • Bleich, Rabbi J. David, Yeshiva University, Cordoza School of Law, New York, NY (BI)
  • Broyde, Rabbi Prof. Michael, Professor of Law, Emory Univ. School of Law, Atlanta, GA (BI)
  • Cecil, Alan (BN)
  • Chait, Rabbi Israel Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva B’Nai Torah in Far Rockaway, New York, and has collaborated closely with the Noahide Movement. (BI)
  • Dallen, Michael started the First Covenant Foundation (originally, the Rainbow Covenant Foundation) (BI)
  • David, Davis former ordained Baptist Minister, graduated from Tennessee Temple University of Chattanooga in 1972. Noahide speaker & lecturer. (BN)[1]
  • Dial, Billy Jack Noahide Leader. Founder of the United Noachide Council, Acworth Georgia (BN)[1]
  • Grattan, Roger Emissary of the nascent Sanhedrin North American Affairs & Official UNC, Inc. Advisor Bangor, Maine (BN)
  • Jones, Vendyl an American religious scholar who has directed archaeological searches for Biblical artifacts such as the Ark of the Covenant. (BN)[1]
  • Katz, Rabbi Dr. Michael rabbinic consultant and adviser to Noahides since 1989. He has been a First Covenant Foundation trustee and director since the foundation's beginning. (BI)
  • Lanham, Terry Director of Chavurath B’nai Noach Fort Worth, Texas (BN)[1]
  • Libey, Kazik PGS Religion in Late Antiquity. Researches the history of Noahism at Cardiff University, UK. UNC Global Relations President and Policy Strategist. (BN)
  • Lichtenstein, Aaron Ph.D., teaches at the City University of New York (CUNY), and has taught at New York University, Yeshiva University, University of Denver, Jews' College (London), and Yeshiva Hechal HaTorah. He is the author of "The Seven Laws of Noah", "Noachide Communities Throughout the Ages", was staff editor at the Encyclopedia Judaica. (BI)
  • Long, Jim journalist, Radio personality, combines his love of archaeology, writing and film-making with teaching about Noahides (BN)
  • Narrett, Eugene
  • Pettersen, Ray Founder of Noahide Nations at www.NoahideNations.com, Co-Host of the Noahide Nations Show on Israel National Radio, Founder of the G.I.V.E. Relief Fund, Leader of two Noahide Groups.[1] (BN)
  • Penrod, Adam (BN)
  • Ribco, Yehuda(BI)
  • Roth, Dr. Anna (BI)
  • Rakover, Prof. Nachum, Bar Ilan University, Israel (BI)
  • Saunders, Jack began his professional career as a Baptist pastor, is the president and lector (principal teacher) of Frazier's Chapel, a Noahide center near Cleveland, Tennessee (BN)[1]
  • Tabor, Dr. James D. a leading scholar on the Dead Sea Scrolls, on the Second Temple period, and on the origins of Christianity. James D. Tabor is a professor in the Department of Religious Studies, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. His specialty is ancient Judaism, and early Christianity in the context of Hellenistic culture and religions. He has published a study of Paul titled Things Unutterable (University Press of America, 1986) (BN)
  • Taylor, Doug (BN)
  • Weiss, Rabbi Joseph part of instructional staff of NoahideNations.com (BI)
  • Zucker, Rabbi Saul principal of the Mesivta of New Jersey in Teaneck, New Jersey. (BI)
  • Zweitter, Rabbi Solomon Professor of Talmudic Literature at Bar Ilan University in Israel, and a graduate of the Rabbi Isaac Elhanan Seminary at Yeshiva University in New York. (BI)

Chabad Approach


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