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Mr. Roger Grattan

Mr. Roger Grattan is a Bnei Noah living in Bangor, Maine. He has organized several events for Bnei Noah, and works in raising awareness about the Bnei Noah movement, and distribution of associated materials. He was one of the people chosen to sit on the nascent Sanhedrin's original "High Council", an advisory board which has been largely inactive since September 2006 due to external forces which took a toll on the High Council members who began working with external organizations. Mr Grattan was requested to serve as the Sanhadrin's Shaliakh to Bnei Noah. In 2007 he was appointed Emissary of the nascent Sanhedrin Project's North American Affairs. Mr Grattan is also an Official United Noahide Council, Inc. affiliate until 2011. He was trained by Meir Hakak HaLevi in the art of Shekhita which he performed at Diaspora Yeshiva

According to the "Noahide Nations" website:[1]

Born in New York City, Roger Grattan completed 16 years of schools and college in the Catholic Tradition. Later participating with other denominations as well, questions of faith arose without satisfactory answer. Interested in the origins of his faith, a burning desire to know the truth accelerated in 1986 when he was re-reading Genesis 6:8 where the text reads: “And Noah found grace with God.”
His Traditional learning would have indicated that grace was only received from belief in New Testament teachings. Upon making inquiry of his clergyman as to the meaning of this verse, Mr. Grattan received another in a long line of less-than-satisfactory denominational answers. At that instance, Roger began to seek other sources of learning. A helpful clerk at a Jewish bookstore revealed the existence of a path to righteousness derived from believing as Noah did...though the clerk was unsure if there was anything written about it in English. Roger has been studying Torah and the Noahide Laws ever since.
Roger has been fortunate to attend many Dead Sea digs and has traveled to Israel a total of 10 times. He has been able to attend and assist at numerous conferences and symposia relating to the Rainbow Covenant and so, is proud to have been introduced to many key figures in Noahide circles.
Roger can sometimes be found playing the part of “ Father Noah,” a self-developed costume-clad character who roams crowds at street fairs, festivals, parades and the like. ‘Father Noah’ carries a long wooden staff while wearing a fabric garment printed with animal pairs and sporting a rainbow headdress. He role-plays Noah, ( often in the ‘second person’ ) while distributing literature on the Rainbow Covenant and the Seven Laws. Additionally, he carries a pocket-sized Torah and digest version of Hilcoth Melachim ( Laws of Kings - Maimonides) for those who are ‘more than curious.’