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Dr. Michael Dallen

Dr. Michael Dallen, a writer and attorney, started the First Covenant Foundation (originally, the Rainbow Covenant Foundation). Working with Jack E. Saunders, Rabbi Michael Katz and others, he is its first trustee and director. A 20-year member of the National Council of Americans for a Safe Israel, he made Teshuvah to Orthodox Judaism and began treating Israel's Torah Covenant, the Covenant of Sinai, completely seriously only after learning of the Universal Covenant. He wrote - with the help of many others - The Rainbow Covenant.

External Links

  • 1stCovenant.org & RainbowCovenant.org: The First Covenant Foundation Michael Dallen, a longtime writer and attorney, Jack E. Saunders, who began his professional career as a Baptist pastor, and Rabbi Michael Katz provide a wide variety of information on the Noahide Covenant, which they also call the Rainbow Covenant or Universal Covenant. Michael Dallen's book can be found here