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Yehuda Ribco was born on 5 Elul of the year 5728, a beautiful noon on Thursday, August 29, 1968. At the moment he's living in Montevideo, the capital of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay.

As our society requires us to say who we are, it seems that it is imperative and mandatory display credentials, qualifications, recommendations, the more abundant and rimbombantes, IS the best person… in order, so give a few brief mentions of my personal history.

Latest developments

Above all, I am counting the latest developments. I started in 2006 with several positive developments and construction:

  • Conference series in S. Cristobal, Tachira state, Venezuela.
  • Interviews on two radio and one television in Venezuela.
  • Publication of two indispensable books: "Light of Life - a guide for seekers of God" and "Scent of Paradise - Cabalaterapia to everyday life."
  • Publication of the CD's of the lectures.
  • Haber co-founded and President of the World "fulva" - Light of Life Foundation.
  • To have opened the site

In reality it is only the beginning of a campaign to return more people to the path that the Lord has designed them for their lives. (The books and CD's can be purchased and advise long. Click here for details).


For now I work as professor of Secondary Education in the internationally renowned Uruguayan Hebrew Comprehensive School, in matters Masoretic (Tradition) and Tana "j (Bible), but also raids in the history of the people of Israel. Integral, as affectionately is known, spends hours and effort to give their students a framework for membership growth and unique, hence, is a member of his staff education is an honour and pleasure.

In the Hebrew Institute Ariel Uruguayan I have also given classes, and we are thinking of expanding my area of work, God willing, perhaps a supplementary school…

I've been called by the Community Directive Yavne, Montevideo, to teach Tana "jy Musaguim (Concepts) in each year of his high school Iajad. It recognized the positive spirit and vitality of the members of this community, as well as their desire to give their children the best in Idishkait and general culture. This makes this appeal is particularly with regard full responsibility and joy, and becomes a goal to make learning our roots one more reason to be better every day. In this work I have been side by side with the beautiful human being, the wise and inspired Rabbi Froindlij Shay, a man who demonstrates its simplicity at its height and knowledge. With his teachings have reached new frontiers and I have taken more force.

I can not fail to acknowledge the love and guidance of my big brother, the renowned Rabbi Aaron Ribco, warm and family man, and intelligent man of powerful influence.


Returning to my activities, also devoted a large part of my time to exercise as more particular, focused on preparing young people for their Bar Mitzvá.

As always there are people interested in giving light on the roots of his personal and national identity, which is rendered courses to small groups of youths and adults, and together we try to explore, to deepen as far as we can in terms of Judaism and how to do part of their daily lives…

In addition, thank God I am invited to give lectures, or perhaps I should say talks, with topics to try to bring people into their own sources, both as individuals and as Jews. With their taste receive invitations and proposals, which I can reach my email.

From 2001 until 2003 I was called by the Kehilá (Israelite Community of Uruguay, which is the biggest Jewish association in the country), which has given me the opportunity to give young people who are preparing for their Bar Mitzvá, (well as their parents), classes that are aimed at finding meaning to the ritual gestures, repeating the words that were trying to study as part of their ceremony Bar Mitzvá.

And if little responsibility, gave me the honor of being your JAZAN, oficiante liturgical.

I worked closely with the great Rabbi Eliahu Birenbaum, and with the great Rabbi Iosef Bitton. Both wise men of great charisma and knowledge, with whom I learned a lot from our daily relationship and got them enormous personal lessons and advice. Have state company and the proximity of these great men, is an imprint difficult to erase. Both eminent rabbis currently living in other countries, but maintain their vitality and their positive influence on my activities.

Professional Jazan (Chazzan)

Well, yes, also the head JAZAN, singer, not only in the synagogue, but also in marriages, or any kind of religious ceremony that needs a person who singing (more or less nice, more or less tuned, because as with my young disciples, technical singing is not what I spare), but with meaning and feeling… But, thank God, the Commonwealth also gave me the responsibility to officiate the prayers daily, three times per day in the synagogue, as well as directing the heartfelt and solemn ceremonies in the Israelite cemetery in La Paz.

Until not long ago I served as Baal Korean in various synagogues, which I developed for 16 years, now taking a brief recess, a small memory problems next.

New Israelite Congregation

The NCI (New Israelite Congregation, which is the second Jewish association in number of partners in the country) in due course I also distinguished himself with pleasure and honour to be very expensive accompany the ladies' parents / grandparents' in the 'Home Parents' of the NCI, acting as Jazan, Korean and Baal 'preacher' in the services Iamim Noraim (Dates Ceremonial) for 6 years. Beyond ideological differences or similarities with the institution that sponsored these meetings, I was a huge mitzvá accompany my elders in the moments that are most in need.

I will mention some of my data for some academics who are more valuable than the daily behaviour… beyond the trials of these people!…

I have the title beautifully framed in my office that I am credited as a degree in psychology, graduated from the Faculty of Psychology at the University of the Republic (Uruguay). In this blessed country egresar of any power, especially psychology, is a merit… but, equally, let aside the false modesty and present credentials more…

The ORT told me as a student in the race computer programmer. At this moment I am dedicated to developing two projects in this area: A Tana "j multilingual, and an encyclopedia basic concepts of Jews, both for distribution, with the help of God willing, on CD, next time.


But can I devote myself to give lessons of Judaism, of Torah, tradition and never studied for that?

Well, yes, also courses (and current) studies for years in different Ieshivot trend Orthodox (Bney Brak-Israel-and Uruguay), as well as the course for tertiary morima to be dictated in Montevideo until a few years ago, seminars teachers, and improvement in subjects directly related to my areas of expertise as in others. Of course, these academic background transit through the path of rabinato, but I preferred not to pursue personal matters until the semijá-designation as a rabbi. Do not miss my "times daily devoted to the Torah," it is essential to maintain the Jewish ultra those moments of Torah, and instead…

So, to what I joined Jewish flow?

In none, although I have some sympathy for some aspects of, or otherwise. But Am I religious?

To this must be answered: what is being religious? Is there a religious Jew? Is there something like a Jewish religion? Let me say that I believe that all Jews (who are not idolaters) are religious or not religious is… everyone meets what you can and want to know… and the question is refined and try to help improve the other… is clear concept?

Among my various activities in the Jewish area, and not boring with details and dates, names and data that lumps the ego, but show a lack of self-esteem, I want to stress my involvement with the Irgun Bnei Akiva as Mazkir for two years, between 1990 - 1991, and it is obvious that I was rising from a very small janij through all stages (less majanot, which are not of my liking), until the Rosh encumbrado more.

Publisher of several weekly publications

In addition they story that I am the publisher (free and fee) for several weekly publications (Darjei Noam; Shamor VeZajor; Parashat HaShavua, etc.). Referring to Parashar and jaguim. Activities began in 1986, moments sponsored by entities or individuals, and often their own meagre income.

Counseling based in Jewish tradition

  • Since 1998 I have been developing a system based on the holy tradition of Israel, and modern studies of psychological, which is called Cterapia.

This system allows us to understand and deal with issues not considered or treated by other psychological therapies. It's really a necessity given the time to take some sessions Cterapia, either in person or online. Never too late, and is always blessing.

  • In 2002 finally published my first book, "Looking what they find?", Which greatly commend all those who seek to grow and be better people.
  • The 2003 began with the courses to small groups, for the moment we are deepening in Tanakh and Judaism. Soon, if God lets also give classes online, via webcam.
  • In 2004 designed, developed and published a beautiful game for PC in order to teach and entertain young people and adults who want to learn the Hebrew language, or just entertain in a manner respectful and edifying.
  • Also in 2004 I was summoned to be the Director of Cultural CEJ (Center for Judaic Studies) of Uruguay. During this cycle to my office were wonderful presentations from recognized scholar and academic Dr. Gustavo Perednik, high-rise. In our Centre also gave lectures by the famous scholar and Dr. Jorge Bucay. For my part, I had the pleasure to offer my humble contributions to strengthen membership and identity of many of the concurrent activity at the Centre.
  • I still have given publish another book, exposing the Tanakh CD, which God willing-and some patrons will soon surge-light.

Outreach and support

Have I mentioned the existence of mi hijita Since 1997, with God's help, I'm nurturing, moving, giving life to have the most benefits from their existence.

I thank the noble people who have become in one way or another fellow in blessing and pray to the Lord so that I continue to provide materially across people who make me reach their generous contributions.

Are in the dark other activities, interests, personal affairs, etc…

Warnings: My personal opinions expressed on this site do not necessarily represent those of sites in which Labor, nor the general view of any community.

When I quote authors or texts, not necessarily share their ideas.