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Doug Taylor began his Noahide journey in 1989 on an archaeological dig in Israel. Having stepped away from organized Christianity some 19 years earlier, he had been on a continual hunt for truth. During his time in Israel, a friend handed him a copy of The Path Of The Righteous Gentile. Doug later described it this way. “As I read it, it was like the tumblers of a lock finally falling into place. It answered questions I’d had for years. I could hardly put it down.”

Returning to his native Seattle, Doug sought out rabbis who would teach him Torah from a rabbinic perspective. Ultimately, he came into contact with Rabbi Israel Chait, the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva B’Nei Torah in Far Rockaway, NY. Through a Noahide tape series given by Rabbi Chait, Doug began to build a solid foundation of Torah understanding. At the same time, Rabbi Chait connected Doug with Rabbi Morton Moskowitz, the Rosh HaYeshiva of Northwest Yeshiva High School on Mercer Island, WA. Rabbi Moskowitz began tutoring Doug in Jewish philosophy through the study of Proverbs. Doug has been learning with Rabbi Moskowitz and other rabbis for the past 16 years.

Together, Rabbi Moskowitz and Doug co-authored a series of short stories based on Torah principles of rational thinking for a local newspaper. Those articles are now available as an e-book called Getting It Straight; Practical Ideas For A Life Of Clarity. Doug has spoken in Jewish high schools, at shabbatons, and other venues regarding Torah principles, Noahides, and how Noahides approach living a Torah life.

A Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, Doug is the Global Director of Quality for a worldwide actuarial and human resources consulting firm. He has co-authored two books, and is working on a third. A highly rated speaker and presenter, Doug enjoys learning, teaching, time with his family, and is an expert at avoiding yard work.