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Rabbi Dr. Michael Katz

Rabbi Dr. Michael Katz has served as a rabbinic consultant and adviser to Noahides since 1989. He has been a First Covenant Foundation trustee and director since the foundation's beginning. Rabbi Katz worked on The Rainbow Covenant as one of the first scholars who reviewed and worked on it before publication. He wrote its foreword. He began his professional career in South Africa. A writer, lecturer, businessman and Torah teacher, Rabbi Katz lives in South Florida with his wife, Toby (daughter of the late Rabbi Nachman Bulman, of blessed memory), and their three children, Shai, Naomi and Shifra.

External Links

  • 1stCovenant.org & RainbowCovenant.org: The First Covenant Foundation Michael Dallen, a longtime writer and attorney, Jack E. Saunders, who began his professional career as a Baptist pastor, and Rabbi Michael Katz provide a wide variety of information on the Noahide Covenant, which they also call the Rainbow Covenant or Universal Covenant.