Naftuchite Nation

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The Gentile name of this nation's patriarch is Iapetus.

Y-DNA Haplogroup E-M81

The Targum translates this as Pontsikhnai or Pantsekhyaanaei, probably denoting Pentaschoinos. This is a district in Egypt later referred to as Dodekaschoinos.

Children include Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus, Menoetius.

He took the side of Horus in the Titanomachy.

Deucalion the elder: The initial eruption of Thera in Santorini as a result of Anactorian-Apep's atrocities was the cause of the Deucalion flood which brought about the end of the Bronze age at the time of the Israelite Exodus from Egypt when Apep's Apis bulls were replaced by the wolf tribe.

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