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The Gentile names for this Cassiopeian nation's Patriarch are Oceanus and Ea. His children took the side of Seth in the Titanomachy.

Y-DNA Haplogroup E-M183

In the Midrash it is rendered Pekosim (Bereshith Rabbah 37). Saadia Gaon identifies it with Sa'id on the upper Nile. The Targum on 1 Chronicles 1:12 translates it as Nasyotai or Gasyotai, denoting Casiotis, the district surrounding Mount Casius, east of Pelusium in Egypt, although the Targum on Genesis 10 reverses the definition of Pathrusim and Casluchim.

Nimrod's invaders (Philistim) were born from his Pathrusite wives Argeia and Euryphaessa.

While most of the Kaluchs remained in their ancestral region, Nimrod's EM123 Kasluchs from Ethiopia invaded the land of Canaan where they became known as the "invaders" (Heb: Philistim). The children of Oceanus/Ea/Kasluch did well for themselves here and under the leadership of the Pelasgian King Teucer established the Teucrian civilization from which Troy arose, the first Kingdom known in the land of modern day Turkey. It was founded in 3760BC after the fall of Babel.

Teukria's Pelasgian people of Oceanus became renowned for their noble character. It is with them that the infant Caphtorian Vulcan found nurture and skilled instruction when he was cast out of Olympus to die.

Teucrian diplomatic relations with the Proto-Greeks eventually resulted in the start of a Caphtorite dynasty on the throne of Troy and Caria. The Caphtorite dynasty brought about changes in the Teucrian religion.

Centuries later, when the EM34 Kasluchs were exiled by the Assyrians to Subarian Medea (Sauromatian Aluania), they named it Kush in memory of their Ethiopian homeland.

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