Lehavite Nation

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The Gentile names of this nation's Patriarch are Polus and Geb father of the Gibborim.

Y-DNA Haplogroup E-Z827

This Genetic marker reaches 19% in samples taken from among Ethiopian Oromo.

The Targum translates this name as Livvakai or Livkai, a Lybian tribe possibly related to the Libu. The name "Lehavim/Lehabim" derives from "lahab" (fire) and literally means 'fire people,' since their faces are like fire (Rashi).

Josephus states that they are the ancient Libyans (which was at that time a Greek term used to refer to all of Africa which to the ancient Greco-Romans was a Mysterious ancestral land.

See note on Genesis 10:6 regarding Put.

Polus was the father of the Gibborim. The name was applied to him because he was serpentine like a pole and because his children spread from east to west as well as almost from Pole to Pole even further south than the people of Krios.

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