Karaimite Jews

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Karaimite Jews are not real Karaimites (who obey the Scribes and the Pharisees) and neither are they Subbotnik Jews (who guide the Karaimites) but is a term for secularizing Jews who like Karaimites do not practice Judaism according to the Talmud. "Karaimite Jews" are a misojudaic group who attended the socialist conference in Moscow 1931 to plan an effective campaign to abolish Rabbinical Judaism from their midst[1]. Later, during WW2, the "Karaimite Jews" of Ukraine colluded with the Nazis in Lutsk, Kiev, Babi Yar even as far as Krasnodar to eradicate the real Karaimite Judeo-Christians. After WW2 500 "Karaimite Jews" therefore had to flee Crimea with the Nazi evacuations.