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Shabbatis or Karaimites or Karimit or Karaitizers or Sabbatarians or Sabbatians or Subbotnik Molokans or Subbotnik-Karaites or Karaite Subbotniks (Russian: Субботники-Караимиты) also described as "Russian Karaites" (Russian: Русские Караимы), are Judeo-Christians who practise ritual slaughter and sometimes circumcision. They recognize the Gospel, but also practice some of the rules and precepts of the Old Testament (only those rules which apply to Gerim to be specific). In accordance with Matthew 23:2-3, Shabbatis obey the Scribes and the Pharisees but do not practice Pharisee Judaism. Instead they began to use the "Everyday Prayers for Karaites" by Abraham Firkovich (1870, Vilnius) for their liturgy. In 1882 this was published in Russian as "Порядок молитв для караимов" (since they are not required to pray in Hebrew). It was based on the Siddur Tefillot keMinhag haKaraim by Isaak ben Solomon Ickowicz also used by the Crimean Karaites, who to a degree, exemplified for them a Judaic model which could be imitated by non-Jews who who are prohibited from observing Talmudic Judaism by the Pharisees.

The leaders of the Shabbati community are the Gery Talmudists also known as Subbotnik Yudei rather than simply as Yevrei.