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Noahites must understand that in English-language Jewish works, the word "Jesus" can refer to one of four different people:

1) Manasseh of Judah (c.650BCE)
2) Joshua ben Perachia's student Theudas I (c.100BCE) a transgressor who worshipped a brick (or the black stone).
3) Rebbe Yehoshuah Minzaret (c.30CE), a Hassidean who was the teacher of Simon Kefa (Peter) bar Jonah.
4) Dositheus (c.69CE) a transgressor respected in various Karaite Jewish (i.e, Muslim) works and who claimed to be the incarnation of the ineffable name and who beguiled the Palace of Helene of Adiabene in Jerusalem before exposed and stoned to death in Lud then hung on a Carob Tree near Safed where he is buried. According to the Kuzari, he organized the Jordanian Baptists (Mandaeans) who left Palestine after his death.

All four of them are considered to have belonged to the Pandera Family so it is not always very clear which one is being referred to in the texts: -the less reliable ones seeming to conflate all three people. Noahites should not respect 1, 2 or 4. Respect for 3 is fine.