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Rebbe Yehoshuah Minzaret appears to have been a young 1st century CE Romaniote Hillelite of the Holy Land whose biography and teachings are recorded in Romaniote literature of the same century. His paternal Grandfather was called Jacob Pantera according to Epiphanius quoting Origen (who might have been confused by Celsus). His disciples (St Jude, Yochanon, Paulus, Petrus and Simon Clopas[1]) were sent to deal with his nephew Plony Yeshu HaNotzri Ben Stada' followers by Herod Agrippa II' s Sanhedrin during the reign of Helen of Adiabene. From the early 4th century onwards, Rome made it illegal for Romaniotes to teach anything about him. After that, only Judeo-Baptist Gnostics who were also threatened by the Roman Church continued to look to Gnostic Jews for guidance on this issue. Nevertheless, a Hebrew record of his Biography and teachings known as Hebrew Matityahu has still survived into the present along with a handful of oblique references to him in Jewish tradition. He is not to be confused with his nephew Plony Yeshu HaNotzri Ben Stada.

Messianic Noahites regard Rebbe Yehosuah Minzaret as an early Messiah Ben Joseph figure and as a personal Messiah rather than as the End-Times Messiah ben David yet because the End-Times Messiah has not yet been exposed for everyone to see but the hope is real. They believe that he was the Angel M*t*tr*n (on one of his uncountable visits to our world, Assiyah, in the form of human flesh and blood) who was sent down to be lashed for the sin of Acher and appeared as the proto Messiah Ben Joseph to be anyone's personal Messiah. Noahites are permitted to believe that M*t*tr*n will come again as the end times Messiah ben David since this belief was also held by Rav Akiva. The nature of the relationship of the Angel M*t*tr*n to the godhead is best expressed by Rabbeinu Bahya. It is a question for Jewish Kabbalists to study and is not something that Noahites need to worry about. While promoting this view, the mistaken belief of Acher that M*t*tr*n can be taken as a god *besides* G-d or any belief that M*t*tr*n has any offspring are both rejected as unacceptable in Judaism.

There are two options when it comes to considering Rebbe Yehoshuah Minzaret's nature:

Either 1. He was simply nothing but a Jewish human who can be regarded as a son of G-d in the same sense that every Ezrah (אזרח) is a son of G-d. However, it should be mentioned, that view is rejected by Idumean Red Jews. They also reject the view that any Messiah but only a Messiah can be regarded as a son of G-d.
Or 2. The Chabadniks's view that the will of God can begin to dwell in human flesh through sincerely and consistently doing one's utmost to be shomeir Torah while making clear that such a blessing doesn't deify a person is also a valid Jewish position. That blessing was considered to have been attained by Rebbe Yehoshua's Mother Miriam bat Hanna according to the Idumeans.

However, the view that G-d adopted a human to be his own flesh as claimed by certain Chabadniks is possible was rejected by Idumeans because it poses a problem concerning what happened to the human will. Moreover, it is just as unacceptable today as it was then to say, G-d forbid, that G-d becomes the Messiah. The Arabs were convinced of the fact that he was only a prophet unto the Gentiles by using Galatians 5:2 as did Jacob Emden.

R. David Valle's Ramdu in Sefer Halekutim vol 1 says that in secret this particular member of the Pantera family was certainly Moshiakh ben Yosef even if he was a Mamzer because, a mamzer is like a Talmid Chacham, who takes precedence over an ignorant Kohen Gadol. Nevertheless, since Sinat Chinam (baseless hatred) was in Israel at his time, he was destroyed and crucified by HaSatan.

See Sefer Halikutim, part 1, p. 242:

"ומב"ד בא לעשות שלום בעולם ולא מלחמה, הפך ליש"ו הנוצרי שאמר מעצמו: לא באתי לעשות שלום בעולם אלא מלחמה. וגם הוא בודאי היה סוד משיח בן יוסף, אע"פ שהיה ממזר, כי ממזר ת"ח קודם לכהן גדול עם הארץ. אלא שלא היה אז העת הראוי, כי היתה שנאת חנם בישראל, ולכן נתקלקל ונתאחז בו ס"מ והשמידו ונצלב."

According to the Ramdu, Rebbe Yehoshua Minatzrat became central to the the blessing given to Esav in Beresheit 27:4 symbolizing the Israel which is worshipped by Esav (Rome) so that Esav maintains a connection to his brother.

Ramdu's commentary on Beresheit 27:40 says: And another great matter was hinted at in what is written, "And you shall serve your brother" and even he (Israel) will be worshipped as G-d. The Edomites will choose to take for themselves a man from the seed of Ysrael to be their god. In the beginning the Romans worshipped stars and constellations, and in the end when it occurred to them to choose new gods, they took for themselves the despised Nazarene to be god over them. And this is the meaning according to "And you will serve your brother" which is the concept of Eloqut. And this was a sign for the future where the righteous will truly be worshipped as G-d like our rabbis in the Zohar said "In the future, the Tzadiq will be lauded as holy (Zohar 1:88a). And this is the secret (to the blessing Yitzhaq gave Ya'aqov) "And G-d will give you," meaning G-d has given you the power of G-d [Elohut], and it shall be that the power of the tzaddikim will be Elohut. And likewise, the non-Jews will continue to do their part by serving us like G-d, for they knew that there is no closeness to God except with Israel.

This is what the Messiases in Ovadiyah 1:21 refers to.

The Ramdu (R. David Valle) in I Settle Giori della Verit says There was a whole fabrication about the danger of the teachings of that man Yeshu. It was created with false dogmas and it was done in a repugnant manner. The result was that a lot of nations were going to know G-d, and now we have to fix those mistakes... There is a prohibition against looking at a rainbow. It's not really forbidden to look at a rainbow. Rather, it really means we cannot see the true essence of a rainbow when we see the colours, for they are all part of the white sunlight. The sunlight is separated when you see a rainbow. You see illusion. You do not see the one light. This is what happened to Christianity. They see the fragmentation and separation and do not see the true light. They do not understand Jesus' true teachings... The purpose of Christianity was to turn Jesus into an idol... Only the false information about Jesus and Christianity, created by the church, creates the illusion of idolatry... The first dove that Noah sent out and came back with Nothing, that is Jesus. He came into the world and tried but did not get the job done... Until now Jacob and Esau fight with each other, two nations that contradict one another, but they could have made an alliance to create the biggest force in the world.
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