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Daniel Aharon ben Noah

Daniel Aharon ben Noah maked the BeneNoach.info Italian Bnai Noach Site in 2006 to develop the tradition of Bnei Noach movement in Italy.

Informazioni biografiche

He was born on 26 of April 1969 in Rome.

He "was living" with the roman chattolic religion. Five years ago he decided to come back to the origin of the original tradition and becomed in his heart noahide thanks to the book of Elijah Benamozegh, Israel and Humanity. For this reason he chosed the name "Daniel Aharon ben Noah" to be a brother of Israel and a son of Noah.

He is a multimedia architect, graphic designer and web site maker.

After a period of studies and specializations in graphic and information technology (web sites and digital press), and a deep reserch in jewish traditions, now (2009) he continues in his proposition to be a Bne noah and translate the ITALIAN pages of WIKINOAH.