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These pages have information derived from rulings from Islam, they reflect Islam's historical connection with Noahidism as teachings that have been modified such that they are compatible with Noahide Law. Some followers of Islam, who also believe in the truth of the teachings concerning Noahide Law, believe that if it could be shown that Islamic teachings have been based in part on earlier Jewish teachings this could be proof of their contention that Islam was indeed the faith of Adam and a reaffirmation and renewal of the Covenant of Nuh.

Description of the faith

See the main article Islam.

Documentation of which practices are not allowed according to the Jewish law

At this time there are no known Islamic practices which are forbidden according to Jewish law as applied to non-Jews.

Relationship to the Jewish Scriptures

Although many people who think they are Muslims do not accept the entire Jewish scriptures as uncorrupted, the fact is that according to the 6 Articles of Imaan agree that they should accept the entire Jewish scriptures as divinely inspired. Any Muslim who obeys Islam's 6 Articles of Iman without any hipocrisy is a Noachide Muslim.

Relationship to authentic Jewish interpretation of Scripture

It is not clear how Muslims view the authority of Rabbinic tradition concerning the interpretation of Scripture concerning the Seven Laws. A declaration has been made by several Islamic leaders explicitly accepting observance of the Seven Noachide Laws as laid down in the Bible and expounded upon in Jewish tradition. A "Noachide Muslim" should accept the authority of the Jewish court in these matters.

Religious Council / Creed, as the defining interpretation of the faith

It is not clear that the Muslims have fulfilled the commandment of setting up their own active courts of law with the authority to enforce their rulings. Although most Muslims have accepted the authority of Islamic or secular courts, a "Noachide Muslim" should work towards establishing their own authorized and effective courts of justice to reflect their own national identity and traditions.

Quote and teachings from leaders of this faith concerning the above

Rabbinical Approval

Assuming the description of the Islamic faith as it is presented here is complete and correct, and given the additional requirements presented on this page (accepting Jewish Scripture, etc), it can be tentatively said that someone who follows this faith and the above additional requirements is a true Bnai Noach according to halacha.

This conclusion hopefully will be reviewed by a Jewish court of law in the near future and an official declaration made.

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