Karaimite Jews

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Also known as Karaim Jews are quite ironically not at all Jewish. They are a Socialist Turkic ethnic group of Secularized Sadduceean faith who probably descend from the Part-Karaimite uncircumcized Karimi-Karaitizers. Karaimite Jews were the Karaims afterwhich the Russian Karaims were named. They were angry at the Karaimites for establishing their own Russian Karaims to replace the Karaimite Jews so they united with the Nazis to eliminate the Karaimites and their Russian Karaims. They were involved in the 1931 Moscow convention on eliminating Judaism and sided with the Nazis, Ukrainian Nationalists and Tatars during the Holocaust to eradicate religious Karaimites across Ukraine (Lutsk, Kiev, Babi Yar) even as far as Krasnodar. 500 of them fled Crimea together with the Nazis when it was liberated by the Soviets. They continued to harass real Jews and the religious Karaimites in the former Communist block ever since.

These days it is difficult to find any group which admits to being those Nazi-collaborating Karaimite Jews.