The Mithraic-Noahite Messiah

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The Mithraic-Noahite Messiah is an angelic trinity centred around Zurvan's Son Ahura Mazda, Gabriel, Ahmed, El-Khizr, the Angel of HaShem better known among Mithraic-Noahites as Al-Messiah Ieso ibn Marym Rasulallah (not to be confused with Plony Yeshu HaNotzri Ben Stada the son of Miriam Magdalena and Joses Pantera).

The Mithraic Noahite materials state that the the angelic Mithraic Noahite Messiah was a trinity of Rasulallah (associated with Gabriel or Mitatrun), Kalimatallah (Napat/Mahmad/Temple) and Ruhallah (Hormuz) miraculously born as the child of a virgin and which except for being able to speak as an infant and bring his hand made clay birds to life as a child, appeared to grow normally into a man as his own Guardian Angel (Michael) and Kalimatallah aspect taught him Euangeleon and Hochma etc.. The Rasulallah aspect was given to his disciples and was not crucified by swapping places with his Guardian Angel which was crucified with the Kalimatallah and Ruhallah aspects instead. The Ruhallah aspect ascended to Gan Eden together with a repentant thief while the Kalimatallah aspect descended into the Sheol with the Guardian Angel. On the third day the three were reunited as they returned to live for another 40 days on earth before ascending to the presence of Avinu Malkeinu from whence the Guardian Angel returns to visit from time to time with refelations.

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