The Divine Code

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The Divine Code

By the Grace of G-d

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The Divine Code

Volume I

The Guide to Observing God's Will for Mankind, Revealed from Mount Sinai in the Torah of Moses

Translated from the original Hebrew of the series Sheva Mitzvot HaShem by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, Jerusalem The Divine Code, Volume I

The Divine Code, Vol. I, is the latest milestone in this historic project by Ask Noah International.

Originally compiled in Hebrew by Rabbi Moshe Weiner of Jerusalem, it is endorsed by prominent Torah scholars, including the Sefardic and Ashkenazic Chief Rabbis of Israel. It examines the Torah foundations and details of the Noahide precepts. Unique among the previous popular overviews of this subject, this text is footnoted with extensive citations and explanations of classic sources. It identifies and applies the fundamental principles by which the practical requirements for righteous living are determined for Gentiles. The book contains four parts. Part I covers the fundamental principles of Torah-based faith, and practical guides to Torah study and suggested daily prayers and blessings. Parts II-IV cover the prohibitions against idolatry, blasphemy, and eating meat that was separated from a living animal, as well as a broad spectrum of related topics in each area. (Volume II, in preparation, will focus on the Noahide prohibitions against murder and injury, theft, and the forbidden sexual activities.)

The Divine Code, Vol. I, is 383 pages, with a vibrantly colored soft cover.


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