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Sabbatarians were originally Kavar tribes from Khwarezmia who settled in Transylvania and observed a Hebrew religion using Aramaic similar to Hagarene sabianism. According to Ex 20:09, Deut 05:13, and Ex 23:12 Abaad, Amaat, their children, Israel's Ger who is in the courts and Hagar, unlike other Areilim and Goyim Ha-Eretz, have the right to enjoy proper rest on the Sabbath when the Yoveil is in force. The Tzadik Simon Kefa (Peter) Bar Jonah instructed Sunday sabbath to be observed among the Areil and unofficial Toshavim until the Yoveil came into force, but in the 17th century, some of them began to practice circumcision and switched to Saturday sabbath. In Russia they became known as Subbotniks and Gery. Many of them converted to Judaism.