Rifathite Nation

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In 1 Chronicles 1:6, however, the reading is Diphath (cf. Rashi ad loc.). Josephus identifies these people with the Paphlagonians, an ancient people who lived on the Rifas River (see Kesseth HaSofer 113a. Cf. Herodotus 7:72; Iliad 2:851). Other sources identify it with Parkhvan, Parkvi or Parsvey (Targum Yonathan; Targum on 1 Chronicles 1:6), most probably Parkvi, a country in Northern Ariana (in Persia). Still others identify it with Chadiv or Hadiath (Yerushalmi, Megilla 1:9; Bereshith Rabbah 37). The correct reading is most probably Hadiyv, which is identified with Adiebena, a district in Assyria between the Lycus and Caprus rivers. Abarbanel identifies these people with the Etruscans, who settled in Italy, Venice and France.