Noahides as understood by Rabbi Nachman

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Rabbi Nachmans approach to the Noahide nations appears to be addressed in his Parable of the "Master of Prayer". This appears to give insight into the origin of the 70 nations and their present purpose and final rectification. It specially implies a "rectification" and reform of existing national faiths as opposed to the gradual "conversion" of the world to a new universal Noahide faith.

The main points are

  1. The original "Royal Court" of all mankind before Hashem
  2. The global destruction caused by sin
  3. The scattering of nations
  4. The scattering of righteous sparks, as "seeds"
  5. Each nation picked an area conducive to its qualities (attributes)
  6. Each nation chose an incorrect "king" to lead them, while
  7. The true leaders wandered in search of their people.
  8. The Master of Prayer (the Jews) begins a revival
  9. He is joined by the holy leaders of each nation.
  10. One by one they "conquer" all the lands for Torah
  11. The Temple is rebuilt, not as a Jewish endeavor, but as an endeavor of all mankind

The characters in the story are

  1. The Land of Prayer - Malchus - Master of Prayer
  2. The Land of the Mighty - Yesod - Mighty Warrior
  3. The Land of Wealth - Hod - Treasurer
  4. The Land of Wisdom - Netzach - Wise Man
  5. The Land of Speech - Tiferet - the Bard
  6. The Land of Joy - Gevurah - the Faithful Friend
  7. The land of Beauty - Chesed - the Queen's Daughter
  8. The Land of Food - Bina - the Child
  9. The Land of Murder - Chochma - Queen
  10. The Land of Honor - Keter - King