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This wikipage represents research in progress.

Comments and suggestions are invited.

It is an attempt to review each of the largest faiths held by the Seventy nations. Following a description and brief summary of the religion, an attempt is made to identify which parts of that faith are incompatible with the Seven Laws of Noach. There are two goals in this effort: First, for believers who are currently belong to these faiths to become aware of what the Noachide Laws require of all humanity. Second, to try to isolate, identify and retain the national character of the faith so that a Noachide is left with a deep and fulfilling expression of his faith.

For each of the largest faiths, we include:

  • Description of the faith.
  • Documentation of which practices are not allowed according to the Jewish law
  • Relationship to the Jewish Scriptures
  • Relationship to authentic Jewish interpretation of Scripture
  • Religious Council / Creed, as the defining interpretation of the faith
  • Quote and teachings from leaders of this faith which confirm the above

This approach assumes that there is some relationship between religion, national faith, and Noachide nation. This needs to be explained further.

Derivative Customs

There is some historical evidence to suggest that the Catholic institution of Apostolic Succession is derived from, and may actually be a continuation of, the Jewish institution of Semicha.