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One of the most monumental works written on the Talmud is the Beit HaBechirah of Rav Menachem Meiri, born in Provence in 1249. This work is less a commentary and more of a digest of all of the comments in the gemara, arranged in a manner similar to the gemara - presenting first the mishna and then laying out the discussions that are raised concerning it. This commentary cites many of the major Rishonim, referring to them not by name but rather by distinguished titles. He also wrote several minor works, including a commentary to Avot whose introduction includes a recording of the chain of tradition from Moshe through the Tana'im. He was the student of Rav Reuven the son of Chaim of Narbonne, and passed away early in the 14th century.

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The tolerant position of the thirteenth century author, Rabbi Menachem Meiri, which considers other faith communities as religions worthy of tolerance without a theory of other religions.