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Maronites (Mrwnaye) take their name from a 5th century Monk called Maron who is revered in the Orthodox Church as one of their Hassidim. They were the original Narara.

Despite their Syriac Rites, Maronites were Acephali of Parthian (Mardaite) ethnicity and by the time of Nestorian Patriarch Ishoyahb III of Adiabene (649-659), many had converted to some kind of Islam (which even the Hanifas of Radan rejected) before John Maron was appointed as their first Patriarch after the 3rd Council of Constantinople in 680CE specifically in order to call them back into the folds of the Roman Church.

Abdul Malik (646-705) was documented as Muhammad the Maronite (Ibn Marwan) in the 740s.

Some have argued that the Monothelites that Timothy of Baghdad absorbed into his Church were Maronites.


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