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Also known as Mithraism or Zurvanism or Magians appears to have been a thing a few different times throughout history. Cyrus the Great was a Mithraic Noahite. The Magi who honoured the birth of Rebbe Yehoshua Minzaret as an Herodian Prince appear to have been Mithraists. They also seem to have had a significant influence in the area of the Greater Persian Empire between 651 and 692 AD.

Mages are the Persian Chokhmei Umot HaOlam established by Daniel.

It is a sect of Zoroastrianism which regards Ahura Mazda as nothing but an angelic emanation of the High-God which they call Zurvan.

In the Roman Province of Tachkastan they followed certain Sadducees.


Thomas the Presbyter said that followers of MHMT attacked Romans near Gaza at this time. We assume this was part of the on-going Byzantine-Persian wars over the Holy Land.


The first Mithraic "bismillah" coins appear.


The earliest Quranic Materials begin to appear. Analysis of the Quranic materials indicate that they were all written by one person. The religious view of that person can be identified from the materials alone without reference to the interpretations provided by Islam which later adopted those materials. The views include:

  1. Believe in a supreme being and its emanation to whom obedience is advised.
  2. belief that Jesus the son of Mary is the supreme being's emanation and word and spirit.


Uthman appointed Ali as his successor. The Mithreans went to war against the Tsabians & Al-Lahazim but the Tsabians & Al-Lahazim won. However, Muawiya converted to Byzantine Christianity rather than accept Paulician rule.


The Tsabians ruled until 660 when they were overthrown by the Mithreans again. The terms of the peace treaty promised that the Tsabians & Al-Lahazim Candidate (Hussein) would rule following Muawiya.


The Mithreans did not keep their promise and killed the Tsabians & Al-Lahazim Candidate. Hence the Al-Lahazim established ibn Al-Zubayir as their ruler.

The Tsabians fled first to Armenia then Thrace.

The 6th Ecumenical Council appointed John Maron to lead them.

The Tsabians still survive today as Oriental Orthodox and the Tzigane of Biharia.


Abdu Malik adopts the Mithraic style on his coins but then changes to Islam later in the year. This is the last trace we have of Zoroastrian Noahites.