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Judaizers are types of Messianic Noahites who attempt to view their Messiah as nothing more than a Jewish teacher rather than as the third Temple of God as Gnostic Noahites do. Judaizers are usually Zionists who hope for the establishment of the 3rd Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Judaizers approach Jesus as a prophet like Moses is approached by Jews.

Although Judaizers can still be considered as a type of Christian, their view of Jesus is very much in accordance with the Gospel of Judas. Jesus wanted them to have the courage to face death bravely with nobility and perfect faith that their Kiddush HaShem in following God's ordinances would grant them entry into paradise. To them, the cross was a symbol of encouragement and Kiddush HaShem but not salvation.

Judaizers regard Jesus as the wise and rightful 1st century King of Judea instead of the Herodians. For them, Jesus was a human Messiah who had shown nobility and courage facing his unjust execution at the hands of Herodians.

Sunni Islam

There is strong evidence that Sunni Islam began promoted by the Umayyads as a Judaized interpretation of Quranic materials as opposed to Noahite Gnostic interpretation of Quranic materials out of which Shi'ism emerged.

It is likely that they confused the Jesus of Christianity with the Karaite failure YSU Ha-Notzri the son of Joses Pandera and Magdalene who they called Masih.

The 8th century Abbasid attempt to unite Zoroastrians and the Sunni and Shia resulted in a mixed fusion of ideas which we can recognise as modern Islam.