Emir of Tashik

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King Tashik is mentioned in the Tang Chinese source called the Jiu Tang Shu as ruling Tachkastan in the year 651CE.

651 is the same year that we see the first ever Arab-Sassanian "Bismillah" coin with the king's name Yazdegard.

The Chinese name Tashik (大食 a transcription of the word Tāzik or Tāzī, derived from a nisba of the Arab tribe Ṭayyiʾ) indicating that Tashik was a Sabian.

During Tashik's reign Pope Martin was arrested, put on trial and despite protesting his innocence found guilty of collaboration with the Saracens by granting the Saracens their religious Tome and sentenced to death.

The Saracens invaded the Mediterranean apparently punishing every isle which had accepted the doctrines of Maximus the confessor until Pope Martin's death sentence was changed to exile.

During Tashik's reign the Standard Islamic Narrative states that all Quranic materials other than those approved by the King were eliminated.