Dodanite Nation

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Descendants of Jokshan in 1 Chronicles 1:7 are Rodanim (cf. Bereshith Rabbah 37:1). The Dodonians were known to be an ancient people (cf. Iliad 2:748; Herodotus 2:52-57). The Targum renders it as Dardania, a city on the Dardanelles, after which the strait was named (cf. Herodotus 1:189, 7:43; Iliad 2:819). The Targum (Yonathan) also adds Ridos, Chamen and Antioch. Ridos is identified with Rhodes (Abarbanel). Others identify the Dodanim with the Bohemians (Tol'doth Yitzchak; cf. Sefer HaYashar).