Chavilahite Nation

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See notes on Genesis 10:7, 2:11. Some identify this with Chavlotai, an area on the Persian Gulf described in ancient geographies (Strabo 16:728. This is Huvaila in Bahrein. Others state that it is Avalitae on the Avalite Bay (now Zeila), a city on the Sea of Adan south of Bab el Mandeb. There is also a Nagar Havili in India, on the Arabian Sea, some 80 miles north of Bombay. There is also a town Chwala on the Caspian Sea, and therefore in Russian the Caspian Sea is called Chwalinskoje More. The name Havilah in the Torah may refer to more than one place.

Havilah was Gaia daughter of Cush. Through the marriage of Havilah daughter of Cush son of Ham to Anu/Caelus/Uranus/Shu/Seir, "Cush" was extended into the house of Mitzraim (Kish).