Charity in Noahide Law

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Rabbi Yoel Schwartz (Jerusalem Court for Bnei Noah)


There are eight degrees of charity, one higher than the other:

1. The highest degree is to aid a man who is in danger of losing his financial independence by offering him a gift or a loan, by entering into partnership with him, or by providing work for him, so that he may remain self supporting.

2. The next highest degree is where the one who gives and the one who receives are not aware of the identity of each other.

3. The third, inferior degree, is when the giver knows who is the recipient, but the recipient does not know who is the giver.

4. The fourth, still lower degree is where the recipient knows who is the giver, but the giver does not know who is the recipient.

5. The fifth degree is where the giver puts the alms into the hands of the poor without being asked.

6. The sixth degree is where he puts the money into the hands of the poor after being asked.

7. The seventh degree is where he gives less than he should but does so cheerfully.

8. The eighth degree is where he gives resentfully. [1]


  1. Noahide Commandments by Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, Translated by Yitzhak A. Oked Sechter, Reviewed and corrected by Yechiel Sitzman in consultation with Rabbi Yoel Schwartz