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The Sabaeans were an ancient people speaking a South Semitic language who lived in what is today Yemen and in northern Ethiopia and Eritrea. Their Ancient Sabaean Kingdom lasted from the early 1st millennium to the 1st century BC. In the 1st century BC it was conquered by the Himyarites, but after the disintegration of the 1st Himyarite empire of the Kings of Saba' and dhu-Raydan the Middle Sabaean Kingdom reappeared in the early 2nd century CE. It was finally conquered by the Himyarites in the late 3rd century CE. Its capital was Marib and was along the strip of desert that was called Sayhad by medieval Arab geographers and that is called now Ramlat al-Sab`atayn.

However, in 850 CE Armenian Patriarch John wrote that in the province of Udi, in northern Armenia south of the river Kur live the Sabirs. The ancestor of this nation is the son of Ham, and Kush from whom they obtained their name KUS or SEVORDIK, from their ancestor SYEVA.

In Armenian the sjevardik means "dark boys".

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