Breslov Teachings on Noahides Compared

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Here is a correspondence between Jewish Law and Noahide Law as implied by the teachings of Rabbi Nachman. For comparison purposes the generally accepted views of Maimonides and Rabbi Benamozegh are provided:

Jewish Law Noahide Law
Maimonides Rabbi Benamozegh Rabbi Nachman
10 Commandments - 7 Laws 7 Laws
613 Commandments 7 Laws many more many more
Mitzvah 7 Laws, or voluntary keep one of 613 7 Laws, voluntary keep one of 613, or Logically derived laws National Law if law was made and observed for correct motive
No separate religious & civil legal system Two legal systems: Religious Law & King's Law Two legal systems: Religious Law & Secular Law One legal system
Rabbinical Tekanos & Gezeros Voluntary & Individual Existing Religions National Law
Rabbis - - National Assemblies
Messiah - - National King
Geula (Redemption) Messianic World Redemption Messianic World Redemption National Redemption preceding World Redemption
Mission To support the Jews Jews & Torah exist to enable observance of Seven Laws by the nations Each Nation (Jews being one of them) has its own equally important but different purpose
Teaching Jewish Law Forbidden for Jew to teach, Voluntary for Noahide to learn Ok if for correct motive Forbidden to study another National Law
Learning non-Jewish Law - desirable to learn read texts of other faiths Forbidden to study another National Law
converts Open to all non-Jews Discouraged because existing religions should be reformed Discouraged because each nation has a different divine essense, and specific purpose to fulfill. Conversion also applies from nation to nation.