'Elamite Nation

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See Genesis 14:19. It is associated with Media (Isaiah 21:2, Jeremiah 25:25). We thus find that the capital city of Shushan (Susa) was in the province of Elam on the Ulai River (Daniel 8:2). Josephus thus writes that Elam was the ancestor of the Persians. It is thus described as the territory between Shushan and Media (Saadia Gaon). Other sources identify it with the area between the Tigris and India (Yov'loth 9:2) The country of Elam and the language that was spoken there has been identified as Elamite. Elamite is an agglutinative language closely related to Sumerian and considered the sister language of proto-Dravidian. Thus it can not be truely said that Elam was the father of the Persians who speak an IndoEuropean language.