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This purpose of the Encyclopedia is to create a resource for the greater Bnei Noach community and those interested in the Bnei Noach movement from rabbinical sources. It is intended to contain the sum total of everything worthwhile to know about the Bnei Noach movement, its theology, history and resources. What it is and what is is not.

This is an educational project done in cooperation with the Special Court for Matters of Bnei Noah of the Sanhedrin Initiative. The articles, information, and links provided on this site do not represent official policies, procedures, or opinions the Sanhedrin Initiative or any of its committees, courts or organizations. The information on this site have come from a variety of sources, including speeches, articles, tracts, and other presentations, and they have been composed over a period of time, and many are of historic interest, Religion interest, and human affairs interest. Also, writer's inclusion on this site does not imply his full agreement with all of the articles. Each writer is responsible only for his own stated views. Many of the articles on this web site have been included only for the viewers use in the comparison of differing views and beliefs.


Noahidism: Reformist vs. Reconstructionist?

In general, please keep in mind the purpose of wikinoah. Wikinoah is not supposed to be an encyclopedia of religions. It is supposed to be for 'Noahides':

  1. For those who hold that Noahidism is a religion by itself, a description of the practices, beliefs and history of that religion.
  2. For those who hold that Noahidism is the foundation and measuring stick of all proper religions, it should wikinoah provides a brief description of another faith, a description of which practices are not in line with Noahide law, and discussion of how the faith allows a person to live a rightoues life in compliance with Noahide teachings as handed down to us from Moses.

WikiNoah Vision

Here is the proposed basic structure for wikinoah (please comment on the talk page):

1. Jewish Law
  • Definition of Noahides, Seven Laws, etc
  • View of Maimonidies
  • Expansion of the Seven Laws into 30, 66, etc. laws.
  • Explanation of the various Rabbinic approaches to Noahide teachings
2. Noahide Law
  • Wikipages in the form XYZ under Noahide Law
    • Jewish Law for Jews on XYZ explained
    • Jewish Law for Noahides on XYZ explained
    • "Noahide" secular national law on XYZ explained
  • Biographies and discussion of Noahide Leaders and Rabbis.
  • Lists of resources online, in print, community services, etc.
3. Religious Law
  • Define all major faiths
  • Declare where they confirm Noahide Law
  • Declare where they deviate from Noahide Law
  • Wikipages in the form Noahide XYZ Religion which talk about followers of XYZ faith who also keep the Noahide Law.
4. Secular Law
  • Define all major legal systems
  • Declare where they confirm Noahide Law
  • Declare where they deviate from Noahide Law (Wikipages in the form XYZ and Noahide Law)
  • Talk about political lobbies for change in secular law where it deviates from Noahide standards.
5. History of 'Noahides'
  • Biblical History, seventy nations, migration of peoples.
  • Historical research: manuscripts, documents, reconstructions
  • Mysticism: seventy nations, seventy attributes, try to identify attributes of national faiths, help noahides find themselves and their unique mission.

Obviously there will be disagreement between views, even within Jewish opinion, so I propose to use the method of categories and "icons" so that a visitor to wikinoah would immediately see which wikipage or part of wikipage relates to their point of view, while still leaving the open the option that they may learn from and draw from the experience of other Noahides who have taken different approaches.