What is required to make Oath-Brit

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Q. What all is required to make this Oath-Brit as a Bnai Noach?

A. One must appear before a Bet Din of 3 rabbis and give the oath with a Safer Torah. That is it.

Q. Where are the Bet Din located that this can be accomplished at?

A. Curently none that I know of. I will be having one formed here in Atlanta GA perhaps in about a year. I have started a global charity organization called the United Noachide Council, inc. Within a matter of weeks it should become an legal/official non-profit org, with a 501(c)(3) charity. From that point I will solicite funds from other corporations to hold our first Bet Din. I hope to purchase a Kosher Safer Torah from Israel and have Rabbi Moshe Kerr to bring/deliver it. At that time we will gather a Bet Din to officiate the oath-Brit proper.

Outside of that if you know 3 rabbis who will do it before then, go for it.

Shalom, Billy Jack Dial