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This page presents an revisionist alternative "Arabized Sassanian Noahite" narrative for Islam proposing that the Arabic-speaking Sassanian ALLAHAZIM could have played an important role in Islam's origins eventually becoming the Abbasids under whose rule, Islam evolved into the religion it is today.

Al-Lahazim were the Arabic-speaking Sassanians of Shahrbonu.


Allahazim served in Khosrau II's army and defeated the Romans in 610 allowing the Ercolian Karaites's Counsel to settle in Mamuca and control access to Al-Masjid Al-Haram. Sadly the Ercolian Karaites prevented the Taji from accessing Al-Masjid Al-Haram.


Emperor Heraclius adopts Miaphysitism and evicts the Ercolian Karaites' Counsel from Edessa in the early 620s granting them weapons and a Stele entitlement to the Arabia instead if they can wrest it from the Sassanians.


One of the Ercolian Karaites' Counsels is poisoned by his Eisha.


After the Al-Lahazim had conquered Hira, the Ercolian Karaites sent Khalid to subjugate the Al-Lahazim in 633.


Thomas the presbyter says that the Taji of MHMT are fighting 12 miles East of Gaza at this time.


Under the Ercolian Karaites, the Taji and Al-Lahazim established a union through the marriage of Husseyn to Shahrbonu and converted Uthman of the Ercolian Karaites to their religion.


MUHMD is mentioned by Anonymous on the Front pages of a Syriac Gospel Fragment concerning the Battle of Yarmouk, then Sophronius hands Jerusalem over to Umar.




Thomas the Presbyter is writing about this time.


Uthman came to power, issues Heraclian Drahmas and promoted the Arameo-Arabic Taji Gnosis of Gabriel as a new Quran for his Empire, much to the annoyance of his family and other Aramaic Ercolian Karaites.


Typos of Constans


The Byzantines arrest Pope Martin accusing him of collaboration with the Saracens and sentence him to death.


Uthman wins the Battle of Masts. The Byzantines reduce Martin's sentence to exile. This may be why Fredgar and Sebeos seem unsure how to treat the Ercolian-Karaites in their surprisingly sympathetic accounts.


Fredgar writes about the Saracen conquest of Syria.


Uthman appointed Ali as his successor. The Ercolian Karaites went to war against the Taji & Al-Lahazim but the Taji & Al-Lahazim won and ruled until 660.


The Taji & Al-Lahazim were overthrown by the Ercolian Karaites again. The terms of the peace treaty promised that the Taji & Al-Lahazim Candidate (Hussein) would rule following Muawiya.


Sebeos writes about Mehmet ibn Ishmael.


Husseyn discusses the 6th Ecumenical Council. The Ercolian Karaites did not keep their promise and killed the Taji & Al-Lahazim Candidate Husseyn. Hence the Al-Lahazim sieze control of the Heraclian Stele and established ibn Al-Zubayir as their ruler while the Taji fled to Europe.


Abdul Malik smashes the Stele and crushed Al-Lahazim in 692 but begins to adopt the Al-Lahazim religion to prevent any further uprisings.


Al-Hajjaj's Wassit Masjid is the first to be built to rival the Karaite Synagogues. The Umayyad "Qibla Wars" begin.


Al-Lahazim overthrew the Umayyads in 649 as the Abbasids and sought to undermine belief in the Quran as the Puritanical Arabized Sassanian Noahite Iconoclasts we all know and love who call themselves "Muslims".