The Bnai Noach Oath

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The non-Bnai Brit Bnai Noach Oath-Brit below is needs to be stated before a Rabbinical Bet Din holding a Kosher Safer Torah Scroll. This Oath-Brit is in order for one to become a new creation and become a member of the Bnai Brit peoples, and most important receive an authentic brit relationship with the Ancient of days:

Text of the Oath

Elohim, the Elohim of Adam, Noach, Avraham, Yitzak and Yaacov, before your prophetic Torah revelation I (Complete Name), do solemnly swear to do and seek just rulership within the borders of the lands of my people. By this Torah responsibility I (Complete Name) commit my Faith unto Elohim, that I (Complete Name) shall not switch my faith and worship gods of the non-Bnai Brit peoples. The essential conditions whereby the honor of the Elohim resides within my created world of (דרך ארץ Derech Eretz) and the created (דרך ארץ Derech Eretz) world of my peoples' soul: among my people the foundation by which I (Complete Name) accept your prophetic Torah and thereby cut a brit, that the Elohim of my fathers lives within the Neshama as my Elohim - before your Safer Torah with all my heart, soul and strength, I do shape the destiny of my identity unto abhoring and detesting forbidden sexual acts, theft and oppression, unto any and all members of my brit allied peoples.

Elohim, the Elohim of Adam, Noach, Avraham, Yitzak and Yaacov, when my prayers approach, my kavannah while standing in front of your Torah, to cause remembrance of my Oath-Brit to return unto my conscious Will. The essential condition whereby I (Complete Name) pray unto the Elohim, that I (Complete Name) give heart unto my people and plead for the justice of the Elohim to express Its rulership over the 13 defined emotional attributes which drives the behavior of my allied peoples.

Elohim, the Elohim of Adam, Noach, Avraham, Yitzak and Yaacov, doing your commandments I pledge to keep and also guard. Keeping and guarding your commandments this constitutes as my brit education and the education whereby my house throughout the generations makes profane non-Bnai Brit actions into holy Bnai Brit behavior. Keeping and guarding your commandments by this means do I (Complete Name) and my house increase beauty with in the world for the purpose of giving honor unto the Elohim. Live Elohim within my soul and give life unto me and my house. Therefore when I (Complete Name) study the wisdom of your great prophetic Torah revelation, do I (Complete Name) thereby seek that the Elohim, with wisdom, shall inspire the Bnai Noach judicial leaders to interpret the Torah unto the true intent of Moshe the Man of Elohim our Teacher. Amen.

Meaning of the Oath

My friends of Bnai Noach,

Realize your GREAT merit! Your generation can choose to return to Sinai and accept the Torah revelation!

KNOW that making a Torah oath this has terrible repercussions. The Jewish people endured a 2000 year exile under terrible oppressive conditions because we failed to abide or meet the terms of our oath-brit with the Elohim. Taking a Torah oath brings life and death to you, your children, and their children and their children's children etc. Where are the Jews that lived in europe for over 1500 years?! The answer is very ugly. Taking a Torah oath defines "Fear of Heaven". The Creator is not limited to a flood to destroy communities of bnai brit who profane their Torah oath! The Elohim is a terrible Elohim who weighs the bnai brit peoples commitment to do and to keep the oath-brit relationship. Profane the oath-brit and no sacrifice can atone. If you make a Torah oath you can NEVER turn back EVER. In America many Jews today have assimilated and there behavior follows along similar lines of western european Jewry prior to the Shoah. Prior to 1492 Jewry knew a "Golden Age" in Spain. But there too, Jewry assimilated in large numbers unto the non-bnai brit dominant culture and/or civilization; both Spanish Jewry and Spain went into a decline that they have never recovered from unto this day! The decision to cut an brit? with the Elohim: LIFE AND DEATH. Its a very VERY VERY serious decision; choosing to cut an brit? defines: FEAR OF HEAVEN

The Jewish communities survived the last exile from their land with horrible bloodshed pain and misery. All the great peoples and civilizations that oppressed us are gone! That's not saying that others have not risen in their stead. The Terrible Jealous Elohim weighs and judges the commitment of every generation to do and keep their oath-brit. For the bnai brit people we see the hand of the Elohim if not every day enough times to remember and tremble of our responsibilities: all evil that occurs unto my house come upon me because of MY failure to guard and maintain my oath-brit obligations. Converts to Judaism Ger Toshav, receive neither encouragement, but rather pushed away. Those who none the less, demand their inheritance become bnai brit. Israel has returned unto its homelands. During our long and terrible exile, a few non-bnai brit people converted and accepted the oath-brit responsibilities and obligations upon their soul. With our return, conversion unto Judaism non-bnai brit neither need nor require to live and cut a brit with the Elohim and their by become Bnai Torah. Bnai Noach your generation possesses great merit, the most worthiness of all the generations of mankind since the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. The struggle of the Torah with mankind centers upon whether men shall keep or reject the oath-brit Torah relationship with the Elohim. This entails the entire Torah in one sentence. CHOOSE Bnai Noach life and death, blessings and curses. KNOW that your choice has serious consequences upon heaven and earth FOREVER. King David in the Psalms said in his prayers unto the Elohim that their was no place for him to hide; Adam and Eve sought to hide from the Elohim but could not. The generations of Adam sought to ignore the Elohim but could not ignore the floods that drowned them. Par'o thought an army could protect him from the Elohim but this army perished in a flash. NON-BNAI BRIT PEOPLES, we the Bnai Brit People our tortured history testifies that the Elohim of the fathers, HE's beyond terrible HE's our humility before all living.