Simon Kefa (Peter) bar Jonah

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"R. Jacob Tam also expressed his belief that Peter (Simon Caiaphas), the first Pope, was a devout and learned Jew, who dedicated his life to guiding Christians along the proper path. R. Tam further maintained that Peter was the author of the Nishmat prayer recited on Sabbaths and Festivals, as well as a prayer for Yom Kippur (Mahzor Vitry, edited by S.Hurwitz, 1923, p.285 note 5 and p. 362 note 5. CF. J. Eisenstein's articles on Simon Caiaphas in Otzar Israel and Otzar Midrashim). It may also be noted that R. Judah He-Hasid, leader of the twelfth century Hasidei Ashkenaz in Germany, also referred to Peter as a Pious man ("zaddik"; Sefer Hasidim, no. 191)."[1]
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The Toledoth Y.S.W also praises Peter as a greatly learned and pious man dedicated to saving Israelites from heresy and guiding gentile followers of displacement theology into Noahism. The appearance of R. Yehuda the Pious in some versions [1] makes it likely that the Tosafists were responsible for circulating the Toledoth Y.S.W..

Peter's mission to the Hellenes was headed by Gamaliel's Benjaminite student Saul of Tarsus the Pharisee of the Manumitted Idumean Synagogue and whose efforts in Peter's direction were complimented by R. Jacob Emden in the Seder Olam Rabbah Vezuta.

Peter was officially instated as an Av Beit Din in Antioch by Theophilius on February 22nd. The Toledoth Y.S.W. also recalls Peter in Antioch and his elevated throne.

Many Magi of Mithrea who had been decieved into the anti-mishnah heresies of the Notzrim were retrieved to Noahism by Simon Peter. Those Notzrim who Peter failed to convert became the Mandaeans. The Marcionites were the failed result of Paul's mission among them.

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