Seven Commandments as a Code of Law

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Are the 7 Commandments a code of law, like RaMBaM's code? The error that many if not most people make is thinking that the 7 commandments are like some code of law, like RaMBaM's great halachic work. The 2 share no comparison at all. The commandments constitutes as revelation equal to the revelation at Sinai. In fact the revelation of Sinai only was an even deeper more in depth revelation of the earlier one. But it did not mean that because it came latter that it was different rather the Sinai revelation gave further amplification of the original intent of the 1st revelation given to Adam and Noach, but the brit is the same. Once a Bnai Noach swears a Safer Torah oath, the Bnai Noach court must interpret THEIR own Torah obligations as did Adam and Noach! It might seem like the wild west but Bnai Noach can sincerely study the Torah with the Oral Torah and interpret the original intent of Moshe our Teacher.

Bnai Noach have a constitutional basis to establish not only their own religious communities but rather their own states, and countries! With out the oath-brit the Bnai Noach movement is just another belief system, you can buy into it or not; whereas the oath-brit constitutes as a prophetic revelation of the commandments that require Torah Baal Peh to interpret the intent and meaning of the prophetic commandment revelation. Its like a person having a dream and then going to a person who possesses the skill and wisdom to interpret the dream, like Yosef and the ministers of Par'o and even Par'o himself! The wisdom to interpret the intent this causes awe. Know the "7 commandments" are NOT a code of law but rather a prophetic revelation of how and under what conditions that the Ancient of Days dwells within the soul of man. The difference between a "belief system" and an oath-brit: whereas the former is an aliens perspective of Torah the latter is the son living in his fathers house. Israel is the first born, but the family of Avraham has many children.