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The most important disciple of Maharam MiRutenberg was Rav Asher ben Yechiel, born in Germany in 1250. He rose to be one of the leaders of German Jewry after the Rindfleish massacres, but soon began to fear for his own life and fled to Spain in 1303, where he became Rabbi of Toledo until his death in 1327. While he wrote many responsa to Jews in all parts of Europe and the Mediterranean region, he is best known for his massive halachic commentary to the Talmud. This work appears as the first commentary in the back of standard editions of the Talmud, and presents both Talmudic discussions as well as halachic rulings. He also wrote Tosafot HaRosh, which added a few details to the writings of earlier Tosafists, as well as a commentary to the Mishna. His main students were his son, Rav Yaakov Baal HaTurim and the author of Zichron Yehuda.