Religious diversity

Religious diversity is the belief that all true religions are rooted in the same fundamental truths but express themselves in diverse ways.

In its strongest sense, religious diversity holds that no single religion can claim a monopoly on absolute truth. Given the diverse nature of human beings, no single religious form can completely answer the needs of all mankind. G-d has chosen to create a diversity of approaches to the divine as symbolized by the Seventy Nations or Seventy Paths.

According to Jewish Mysticism, each nation has its own unique mission towards the ultimate rectification of mankind. Although the founding principles of each true faith are derived from a common source, expanding on the prohibition for non-Jews to "keep Shabbos" and the prohibition for Jews to refrain from "keeping Shabbos", some mystics have gone as far to say the in the ultimate ramifications of each national faith there will be disagreement. These disagreements may be so complete that what is mandatory in one national faith (e.g. keeping shabbos for a Jew) may be deserve capital punishment in another (keeping shabbos for a non-Jew).