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Judaism does not usually support Conversion to Judaism but does, on the other hand, believe that Jewish people have some duty to help establish the Noahide Laws. Some Jewish groups have been particularly active in promoting the Seven Laws, such as the Chabad Lubavitch movement.

Rabbi Eliyahu Benamozegh

Rabbi Eliyahu Benamozegh. His book "Israel and Humanity" appeared originally in Italian at the end of the nineteenth century. Rabbi Benamozegh was the spiritual leader of the Jewish community of Livorno, Italy, and a well-known kabbalist and religious leader of great influence in European Jewry who is credited with the revival of the Noachide movement in the last century.

United States Congress' declaration

On March 20th, 1991, the 102nd Congress of the United States passed Public Law 102-14 to designate March 26, 1991, as "Education Day, U.S.A."; in the bill Congress recognized

the ... principles ... upon which our great Nation was founded ... known as the Seven Noahide Laws ... without these ... civilization stands in serious peril of ... chaos ... Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Lubavitch movement, is universally respected and revered and his eighty-ninth birthday falls on March 26, 1991 ... in tribute to this great spiritual leader ... his ninetieth year will ... turn to education and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws

Since the late 1980s and early 1990s, many Orthodox Jews and Noahides have been trying to take the Seven Laws into the general public and turn them into a broad-based international ideological movement to introduce values of Jewish origin.

In more general Jewish thinking, David Novak, among others, has proposed that Noahide Law could serve as the basis for a more universal Jewish ethics and for cross-cultural moral reasoning (at least with Christians and Muslims).

High Council of Bnei Noah

The Noahide movement with the formation of the High Council of B'nei Noah in 2005. The [High Council of B'nei Noah] was formed at the request of members of the nascent Sanhedrin by Noahide leaders and scholars who came to Israel and were formally recognized by twenty-seven Rabbis from the nascent Sanhedrin.

The United Noachide Council, Inc.

United Noachide Council, Inc. was "officially" founded in 2006 by Billy Jack Dial a member of and one of the original founders of the High Council for Bnai Noach. The UNC, Inc. is an official legal corporation registered in and located in State of Georgia as a not for profit corporation, with its global headquarters located in the State of Georgia.

The original concept of the now called UNC, Inc. as it is legally called today was strategically developed over a period of years, unlike the hastily executed formation of the High Council for Bnai Noach, which was just an offshoot of Billy Jack Dial's correspondences with Rabbi Dov Stein, and Rabbi Toledano who were members of the Sanhedrin. From these correspondences the Sanhedrin was petitioned by Members of the Bnai Noach and Jewish Communities in Atlanta GA. to recognize the already created Bnai Noach court formed in Atlanta Ga, and to explore the possibilities of members of this Atlanta court to come to Israel and make a certain oath to be officially recognized by the Sanhedrin. The returned correspondences from the Sanhedrin was that they acting from our petition as presented to the Sanhedrin, were officially going to create a Bet Din for Bnai Noach, a sub court to the Sanhedrin first, as they felt it would be inappropriate and impossible to have to deal with thousands of BN courts in the future. So this Bet Din for Bnai Noach would handle this cumbersome task. The Atlanta Bnai Noach Court was asked to build a Registrar while they were in the creating process of establishing this sub court to the Sanhedrin, to officially identify and recognize Bnai Noach all over the world, and so we initiated that process from the Sanhedrin Request. Once the Bet Din for Bnai Noach was formed they would recognize our court and others as well if petitioned by these courts. From this Atlanta Bnai Noach Court sprang the Ideal to create a "High Court" as a sub court to the Bet Din for Bnai Noach which was itself a sub court to the Sanhedrin. However the Sanhedrin members feared the political and religious repercussion of an officially recognized Bnai Noach High Court, so they decided to call it a "High Council" to avoid the possible problems, and so here we are today. So Billy Jack Dial's initial agreement in working with his concepts along side the Sanhedrin was set aside to help with this "High Council". During the process of developments of this "High Council" Billy Jack Dial recognized and expressed concerns to serve the needs of Noachides worldwide, as he removed himself from the day to day activities of the High Council for Bnai Noach, to continue in his afore planned activities before the High Council or Sanhedrin were brought to public the attention and or created, and his participation in them, to create an organization based upon the laws of the lands, in which he felt that the Jewish and Bnai Noach communities world wide would be better served. Better served in that with a different type of Council, i.e. like ultimately creating a Supreme High Council (Court) which would be focused on a wider community participation in its development and more community involvement in its conception by a the various Bnai Noach Communities to participate in a future united "General Bnai Noach Council" and from there a Supreme office created. So as the realization of the purpose and name of this afore planned concept was recognized which was to be built upon a solid legal foundation established by and from the laws of the land which is vital to the success of any organization, and most important the well balanced future of the Noachide movement and from there came the name UNC, Inc.

The soul purpose and strategy of the UNC, Inc. is aligning itself with and participating in the laws of the lands, i.e. "Criminal, Civil and Moral laws" in which the UNC will help to bring reform to these laws, is as a needle filled with a serum injected into a sick and diseased body. It is the UNC hope to bring Tikune Olam to the nations justice systems in this well planned strategy. As a body will not heal overnight even so this healing strategy will not as well. How fast the body heals depends on the nurses and doctors available to assist us. Thus we ask for all Bnai Noach and Bnai Israel to step down from their pedestals to help the UNC in this enormous Tikun Olam (Correcting the World) task G-d has laid before us in our responsibility to uphold the creation of courts commandment within the Seven Laws. To ignore this law and not to correct these courts is a direct violation of that law subject to the penalties there in.

The UNC, Inc. to help affect this healing as mentioned had established a Noachide Court along with a blueprint of a network of courts to setup throughout the worlds judicial systems to become an asset to them and not a burden, to slowly and methodically help the laws of the lands to align with the more sensitive moral, civil, and criminal nature of the Seven Laws of Noach.

One of the primary organization’s short term goals and future purpose is to support a democratically run General Noachide Council that represents the interests and needs of "All" 70 Noachide Communities throughout the world, and ultimately to support a Supreme High Council - Court, for Bnai Noach composed of only qualified Noachide judges which will have graduated from a hebrew only yeshiva for B'nei Noach in Israel.

Branch UNC, Inc.. organizations are in process of formation at various locations throughout the world. The goal of the UNC, Inc. organization is to have branches in every country.