Prohibition of Sexual Immorality

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  1. "...against [a man] having union with his mother." (Negative 330)
  2. "...against [a man] having union with his sister." (Negative 331)
  3. "...against [a man] having union with the wife of his father." (Negative 332)
  4. "...against [a man] having union with another man's wife." (Negative 347)
  5. "...against [a man] copulating with a beast." (Negative 348)
  6. "...against a woman copulating with a beast." (Negative 349)
  7. "...against [a man] lying carnally with a male." (Negative 350)
  8. "...against [a man] lying carnally with his father." (Negative 351)
  9. "...against [a man] lying carnally with his father's brother." (Negative 352)
  10. "...against engaging in erotic conduct that may lead to a prohibited union. [That is, petting by persons whose marriage would be illicit.]" (Negative 353)