Pathrusite Nation

The gentile name for this nation is Seth, he was the father of The Giants as well as of Horus/Cronus.

Y-DNA Haplogroup E-Z830

This group is associated with the legends of the Jötunn of Niflheim for marrying Loki's daughter Hel.

See Isaiah 11:11, Jeremiah 44:1, 44:15, Ezekiel 29:14, 30:14. The Targum on 1 Chronicles 1:12 renders this as Pentpoletai, most probably Pentapolis, an Egyptian district also called Cyrenaica, although the Targum on Genesis 10 reverses the definition of Pathrusim and Casluchim. In the Midrash it is rendered as Parvitoth (Bereshith Rabbah 37).

The castration of Petrus by the Horites led the Caphtorites to avenge him in the Titanomachy. Later however a group of his children known as the Giants tried unsuccessfully to usurp control from the Caphtorites in the Gigantomachy.

Most Afro-Eurasian (Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Mesopotamian) mythology has its origin with this nation.

The dark-elves (Kaftorites) of European legend come from the fair folk of Pathrus and their Kasluchite wives.

From the Petrusim came legends concerning the Ourea, Hecatonchires, The Gygantes, as well as Cyclopes, Pontus, Nereus, Thaumus, Phorcys, Ceto, Eurybia, Aphrodite, and even Typhon. Some of these were slain during the Gigantomachy/Ethiopic-Wars.

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