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From the Jewish perspective, when non-Jews keep all of the laws entailed in the categories covered by the Seven Noahide commandments, then they have the halachic status of Faithful Bnei Noah. If they take upon themselves to observe these laws and live by them in the land of Israel, they become Resident Strangers (see Ger Toshav) amid the people of Israel. A Ger Tzedek is a person who prefers to proceed to religious conversion. Judaism does not proselytize, and a conversion is comfirmed only after much thought and deliberation. Once accepted, it is irreversible.

The term Noahide Belief is not the name of any specific religion but a term used to describe religions and cultures compliant with the Noahide Laws outside of Israel.

Below are listed the various major religions of the world and include discussion as the problems with these religions, and how they may or may not be disqualified as Noahide faiths.

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