Noachide Courts

Rabbi Kerr Shalom, What is your position on the current court systems in the world today? The majority of the rabbis I have encountered say the current systems are noachide courts. Few will disagree.

Billy Jack


A bnai noach court, as i understand the term receives a mandate to judge by the Torah. Non-bnai brit nations have established the "form" of justice, but without cut a brit with the Elohim the "substance" of justice who can find? The Torah revelation gives light to all generations of humanity. What makes this generation so special: the measure that Jewry following a 2000 year exile the Elohim has allowed to return and rule upon the oath lands in equal measure the non-bnai brit goyim have the opportunity to reject the folly of their fore-fathers and cut an oath-brit_ by means of the Torah revelation. The commandments function not according to codification of commandments, this concept of the commandments the Reshonim of the middle ages embrace, but rather as a prophetic revelation of a man's dedication to express middot tohorot through actions dedicated unto the Elohim, this concept of the commandment the Sage of the Talmud embraced. A non-bnai brit person has not compulsion to seek to glorify the rule of the Elohim in this world. But the substance of justice can not exist without the Elohim. Hence a bnai brit judge is called by the Torah - Elohim. Therefore clearly until humanity embraces the oath-brit revelation of Avraham, a bnai noach who through prophecy envisioned all the commandments of the Torah, then the substance of Torah has no means of expression through the forms of judicial system in our world today.

with respect moshe