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Noah's Sacrifice and Covenant with G-d

Welcome to WikiNoah a platform to share sources, opinions, original research and synthesis of knowledge concerning Noahism and Noahide Judaism to combat ubiquitous misinformation online from extremist fanatic ideologies like Nazionalism, Kahanism and Islamism but also islamophobia, antisemitism and any bigotry which is against biblical principles. We applaud the religious devotion that many faiths exhibit and only hope they will all renounce Anti-Judaism which is the root of all anti-semitism.

Founded in 2006 by Hareidim and "Noahide Baptists" under the auspices of the late Rav Dov Meir Stein's Nascent Sanhedrin Project. All wikinoah editors should be supporters of Pharisaical Judaism so if you notice something against it please post a note to User_talk:פטר חמור.

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Please read through our Approaches page.

Noahism is not a religion nor a belief system. It is simply Judaism's description of a secular system of universal civil ethics. Noahism is the idea that there are 7 ethical principles that mankind needs to uphold. This is called the Brith Shalom or Rainbow covenant. Anyone who...

1. promotes the rule of Law.
2. and rejects theft,
3. rejects murder,
4. rejects lewdness,
5. rejects cruelty to animals,
6. rejects religious charlatanry,
7. and rejects idolization of any material thing in the Noahite Movement regardless of their religious persuasion or lack thereof. The word used in the Targum Onkelos to refer to such people maintaining diplomatic relations with Israel is Muslamai and in Hebrew is Meshulamim meaning 'those in covenant with G-d'.

Those Meshulamim who decided to observe these laws because they are part of Judaism's Oral Torah revealed at Mount Sinai are called Ma'aminim. According to Judaism, Noahites who accept Judaism as the rule of Law are guaranteed a place in Olam HaBa. They are called התושבים in the Torah if they take an Oath-Brit of fealty in front of 3 Jews and do tevilah according to the system established by the Chazal when the Jubilee was in effect (i.e. before 135CE). However, some people have been recognized by the Israeli Rabbinut as Chassidei Umos HaOlam apparently without those criterial applying. For an overview on the history of such Noahites please start with God-Fearers_and_the_Identity_of_the_Sabians.

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