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Noah's Sacrifice and Covenant with G-d

Welcome to WikiNoah (

A platform to share research on how the evolution of faiths among the nations could be viewed from the Jewish perspective promoting Spiritual Zionism while combating antisemitism as well as islamism and extremist islamophobic fanaticism. We love the religious devotion that many Muslims exhibit and we do not want them to lose all faith, we only want them to come home away from Antisemitism.

Any Issues please contact:

User:Red Judaism

Founded in 2006 by observant Noahites and Jews.

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Noahism is not a religion nor a belief system. It is a secular system of civil ethics described in Judaism. Noahism is the idea that there are 7 ethical principles that mankind needs to uphold. This is called the Rainbow covenant. Anyone who...

1. promotes the rule of Law
2. and rejects theft,
3. rejects murder,
4. rejects lewdness,
5. rejects cruelty to animals,
6. rejects religious charlatanry,
7. and rejects idolization of material possessions already a Noahite.

Noahites are called Hagarim in the Torah. The word used in the Targum Onkelos to refer to Noahites is Muslamai.

Those Muslamai who decided to observe these laws because they are part of Judaism's Oral Torah revealed at Mount Sinai are called Ma'aminim. Ma'aminim who decide to use Jewish Scriptures while replacing Jewish theology with their own ideas are called Supersessionists.

Ma'amanim who take an Oath-Brit of fealty in front of 3 Jews and do tevilah become התושבים. Please read through God-Fearers_and_the_Identity_of_the_Sabians for more information.

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