Lehavite Nation

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The Gentile name of this nation's Patriarch is Polus:

Y-DNA Haplogroup E-Z827

This Genetic marker reaches 19% in samples taken from among Ethiopian Oromo.

The Targum translates this name as Livvakai or Livkai, a Lybian tribe possibly related to the Libu. The name "Lehavim/Lehabim" derives from "lahab" (fire) and literally means 'fire people,' since their faces are like fire (Rashi).

Josephus states that they are the ancient Libyans (which was at that time a Greek term used to refer to all of Africa which to the ancient Greco-Romans was a Mysterious ancestral land.

See note on Genesis 10:6 regarding Put.

Polus was the father of Africa's southernmost Gibborim. The name was applied because his people were closest to the South Pole even further south than the people of Krios.

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