Is it necessary for a gentile to make a Oath/Brit today?

In light of the Rambam Laws on Kings 10th chapter halacha 9, and his description of the gentiles who are classified with in three catagories. The last being a Oath-Brit before a Rabbinical Court. Most every one Jew and Gentile concure that the Oath-Brit is not nessary today but will be only in the future. So why do you feel it is necessity for the gentiles who call themselves Bnai Noach to take a Oath-Brit in front of a rabbinical court now days in light of the Rambam's being during the future? Are not the laws concerning the gentiles/Bnai Noach and the Ger Toshavim not the same?


The keeping of the commandments, in conjunction with developing the emotional attributes these actions re-affirm on a daily basis one's committment to guard and to keep the Oath-Brit relationship. The "reward" for having an Oath/Brit relationshipship is that a Bnai Brit person has power to create a world of (דרך ארץ Derech Eretz) and in this world lives the Ancient of Days. The labour of creating this unique world of (דרך ארץ Derech Eretz) causes the Bnai Brit person to be in the like measure of Elohim. For as the Creator created a world for men to live therein in like measure the Bnai Brit person creates a world for the Ancient of Days to live therein. This din of measure for measure defines the emotion of truth.

As I understand the Talmud's' understanding of the Torah vision of Sinai there exist Bnai Brit peoples and non-Bnai Brit peoples. A unique sub category of Bnai Brit peoples constitutes as Ger Toshavim. This sub category of Bnai Brit peoples currently does not exist. For Ger Toshav to live, the Torah must function as the Constitution of the Jewish State. Under these conditions only Bnai Brit peoples could live in the lands of Israel. Consequently only Ger Toshav could live in the lands of the Jewish State. Obviously these Ger Toshavim could not rule the Jewish State, its a contradiction in terms.

Bnai Noach on the other hand must rule their lands. Bnai Noach to be Bnai Noach must establish the Torah as the Constitutional authority that gives any Bnai Noach government the mandate to rule that particular land. The distinction between Ger Toshavim and Bnai Noach is obvious. While the latter rules and governs foreign lands thereby building and establishing a Torah Civilization, the former lives within the authority of a Sanhedrin home government.

The non-Bnai Brit Peoples share no alliance with the Bnai Brit Peoples, It goes without saying that a struggle of civilizations shall occur. During the 2000 years of Jewish exile, Jews struggled and fought with the misrule of the non-Bnai Brit Peoples, chiefly because these barbarians have no concept of justice. Justice is not paying your bills like Plato held. Justice is not righting the wrong. Justice occurs when parties to a dispute can understand the intent of the other. It takes two to make a tango, and the mixture of human error is not contained only on one side of the divide of human conflict. Justice requires tremendous emotional attribute development.


That was a very clear understanding of the difference between the Bnai Noach today & Ger Toshavim in the future.

From what I'm understanding you say here is that the necessity to take the Bnai Noach Oath-Brit today, serves two purposes. 1) It is mainly for the benefit of establishing the Seven Laws Of Noach to all lands out side of Israel. 2) That Oath-Brit will enable that a struggle of civilizations shall "not" occur once these Seven Laws are established as the constitution of the lands outside Israel? And all that being credited to the "Alliance" with Bnai Noach Israel. Can I say this is a correct understanding?

In addition to the physical benefit, on a higher level of a benefit to Bnai Noach having given a Oath-Brit, (Alliance to the Bnai Israel), in addition, we receive the power to create a world of (דרך ארץ Derech Eretz) and in this world lives the Ancient of Days, as you answered my other question "Do we get rewards after giving an Oath-Brit holding a Safer Torah before a rabbinical court?"


Addressing points 1) & 2).

Its mainly for the benefit at establishing the 7 laws of Noach to all lands outside of Israel.

Ger Toshavim, qualify as alien residents who live within the borders of Israel when the Torah functions as the Constitution of the Jewish State. Currently the 3rd Common Wealth has no constitution and therefore the laws of citizenship follow a western format and/or tradition as opposed to the Torah perspective. Consequently there can not exist a catagory of "ger toshav" which grants a non-Jew permission to live in Israel. The USA issues "Green Cards" which permits resident aliens to legally dwell and work in America. The "ger toshav" status historically qualified as a "green card" in the period of the 2nd Common Wealth, when an Israeli government independently ruled the lands of Israel. After the Romans destroyed the independent Jewish Kingdom, Romans could come and go at there pleasure and the restrictions of "ger toshavim" ceased to exist in Israel to this day. The Oath-Brit transforms a non-Bnai Brit person into a Bnai Brit person. Doing the commandments does not have the power to create a Bnai Brit person. The Torah oath on the other hand has the power to create a new creation!

2) The Bnai Noach peoples that can achieve statehood and rulership: the basis for any Bnai Noach state, the Constitution of any Bnai Noach state due to the Oath-Brit with the Safer Torah of absolute necessity must be the Torah itself AND NOT THE COMMANDMENTS! The establishment of courts with qualified judges: These judges must interpret the intent of the Framer ie the 5 books of the Written Torah. The 7 Commandments constitute as only the beginning. No government in the history of mankind rules and enforces only 7 laws. The 7 commandments constitute only as a barest of the bare bone beginnings. These basic laws give different Bnai Noach cultures and people and traditions the room to interpret Torah to meet the needs of that particular community and/or society. Some other Bnai Noach society having completely different customs and traditions have room and permission to interpret the Torah completely differently based upon their needs and their society.

The first rule of humanity: people argue. Struggles and wars occur in every generation. The Bnai Noach Torah wisdom shall not change human nature. Rather the wisdom of Bnai Noach Torah gives Bnai Brit peoples the wisdom of dealing with conflict by means of a unque dicipline of diplomacy. Because my people failed to seek the wisdom of Torah but rather only gave lip service to the forms of Torah service, Israel went into exile twice! Torah does not promice pie in the sky. Struggles and conflicts shall alway occur in every generation that men walk the face of the earth. The wisdom of Torah centers upon making an oath not to do acts of theft and oppression to any within the Bnai Brit alliance. Doing the commandments requires making a continuous daily choice to keep the Torah Oath-Brit. The Torah alone constitutes as the basis of the Bnai Noach Brit with the Ancient of Days. The commandments function as a means whereby every Bnai Noach person can choose and remember his/her responsibilities to keep and guard the oath that the Bnai Noach person made. Breaking a commandment in no way compares to profaning the Torah oath. Profaning the Torah oath no repentance can cleanse. Once a person makes the Torah Oath: that it, this oath no power exists that can annul the Oath-Brit. An Oath has the power to make commandments of none effect. But the reverse do not hold true. A commandment does not change annul or negate a Torah Oath. Doing the commandments does not mean a person has fear of heaven. Keeping the Torah Oath-Brit qualifies as the basis and definition of Fear of Heaven. Adam and Eve transgressed the Commandment of Elohim but the world and all mankind did not face extinction due to the floods until mankind profane the Torah Oath-Brit that Adam and the generations of Adam cut upon their Soul.


Thank you rabbi for that information. Could you please define for us what דרך ארץ is?


דרך ארץ means defining and developing rational control of emotional drives/surges/currents which flow like a river within the soul of man. Human beings have there emotions at birth but only develop rational thought much later in life. As such the emotional surges/swings that a person experiences, for non-Bnai Brit peoples these control and direct the rational thought processes. I call it living within the cave of many colors. The emotions create an environment whereby the mind reacts to this given environment and justifies decisions made based upon the given environment. People living in their cave remains cavemen barbarians irregardless of their cultural trappings of knowledge education and beauty.

Taking the Neshama/breath from the body takes conscious choice. Creating a world of דרך ארץ from the Neshama makes the bnai brit person in the image of the Creator!